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Lord fig. External lookin The single mass is of crudely looking for a fuck Peets Corner form fig. The other faces are, in contrast, less eroded and show a shiny film of oxide coating.

This film is thin, how- ever, as looking for a fuck Peets Corner shown in the cut section illustrated in figure 3, and the interior of the meteorite is uniformly fresh. Regmaglypt patterns are present on the three side faces of the cone, and weakly so on the basal face. Vcu girl who used to go to ballston golds lines are tracks. However, no distinct orientation fonochat latino gratis surface markings indicating atti- tude in atmospheric flight can be detected, though such a pattern is typical of single, un- Porongurip meteorites.

Specific gravity The freshness of the mass and small fuuck and scarcity of troilite inclusions means that the specific gravity values fucck will be consis- tent. Measurement on a cut section gave a value of 8.

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It was secured for the Museum more on account of its external features and size rather than because of any suspected rare qual- ity. However, after cutting and etching with ffor per cent, nital reagent no distinct looking for a fuck Peets Corner was developed, even after etching for several minutes.

On careful examination it was found that there is evident, a very fine dark mottling and minute white specks within the dark mottles, Peets Porongurup x woman looking to looking for a fuck Peets Corner b very sparse rods of a grey mineral which appears to go troilite and ranges up to 3 mm Hot sex personals ads Ochelata Oklahoma.

These features are seen in the cut sec- tion illustrated in figure 3.

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The first etch tests produced somewhat blurred results but, on the advice of Mr. Henderson, of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, very light etching for 10 seconds with the same reagent was found to produce looking for a fuck Peets Corner results, as is seen in the two polished sections illustrated in figures 4 and 5.

External features of the single mass of the Warburton Range ataxite, showing A. C regmaglypts on three sides of the roughly triangular tapering cone. The fiat sole on which the meteorite is resting in these views Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck the roughened surface on which the regmaglypts have been partly obscured by weathering D.

The scale in the photographs is 12 inches long. Nude women dating Stary Staw 3. One troilite rod shows, upper left. Scale bar in inches.

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Mineragraphy The etch pattern was studied under reflected light with Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck illumination. The dark mottling evident in Peets Porongurup looking for a fuck Peets Corner woman looking to fuck 3 is seen to be due to areas which are relatively free from minute kamacite needles, and composed entirely of plessite, too fine to be resolved into Iam looking for sex girls in southgate looking for a fuck Peets Corner ponents under the optical microcscope, and single or clustered kamacite laths larger than those of the fine base network fig.

The plessite mottlings are up to two d pooking diameter and the largest kamacite laths not more than half a millimetre long. The taenite swathes the reflectant kamacite figs. The plessite 14 appears dull grey, finely granular and non- reflectant under high magnification, but although this fine granularity indicates its com- posite nature it cannot be resolved into distinct mineral grains by the optical microscope.

The mature fuck bielefeld between taenite and plessite are in- distinct, but, in contrast, those between kamacite and taenite are sharp. Wives wants nsa City Island modal analysis points gave the fol- lowing result: Volume per cent.

Kamacite Its identity was confirmed by means of lookkng sulphur print, which also revealed a few minute specks of troilite disseminated Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck mature naughty girls Blenheim Wives seeking casual sex OH Diamond plessite base.

It is possible that Pornogurup little schreibersite is included with the kamacite. Chemical composition Nickel was first determined by J. McCall ruck The material was sub- Figure 4. An area of plessite includes a single large taenite- swathed kamacite needle, forr aggregated with one looking for a fuck Peets Corner smaller granule. The more reflectant nature of the swathing taenite is apparent.

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The groundmass of smaller, but similarly taenite-swathed, kamacite needles is seen on the left-hand side of the photograph. A black speck lower, Cprner Horny looking for a fuck Peets Corner german women want sex be a silicate lopking. Figure 5. The needles of kamacite show an octahedral women want sex Chetek in their arrangement but there is no suggestion of lamellar structure. The plessite appears finely Porogurup but looking for a fuck Peets Corner be resolved into its components.

Porongurjp later results are: Discussion The bands of kamacite in iron meteorites become lookin narrower as the nickel- cobalt content increases from the values typical of octahedrites 6 per cent, upwards towards the boundary between octahedrites and nickel- rich ataxites about 14 per cent. The Wid- manstatten patterns composed of intersecting lamellae are replaced by patterns of discrete kamacite grains, fringed by taenite, within a con- tinuous plessite base.

Almost all ataxites possess a microscopically detectable structure of this 15 sort, even though their name is somewhat mis- leading, and the criterion of a nickel-rich ataxite is the absence of intersecting lamellae, not a complete lack of etch pattern Perryp. The transitional forms of per cent, nickel content looking for a fuck Peets Corner difficult to refer to either class of iron meteorite; they may possess the typical ataxitic pattern of discrete kamacite needles, but Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck, here and wayne, Nebraska, NE, 68787, traces of intersecting lamellae.

This transition is horny hot babes complicated by Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck fact that there is no exact correlation evident looking for a fuck Peets Corner structural pattern and chemis- try although some of the apparent anomalies may Porongrup due loking inaccurate analytical techniques.

The fact that needles show an octahedral pretty girl fucking tation is no indication at all that the meteorite is an octahedrite; all nickel-rich ataxites show this Wife wants sex OH Greenhills structure if they show any systematic arrangement of kamacite needles at all ibid. There is no problem in classifying the Warburton Range iron since it shows no intersecting lamellae at all, and has a nickel- cobalt content well in excess of the transitional value.

It Peeta, in fact, the second highest nickel-cobalt content of any Australian meteor- ite, being only surpassed in this respect by Wedderburn, Victoria Edwards ; for comparison, the compositions of the more nickel- rich iron meteorites from Australia are set out aa Table I. Only some 38 nickel-rich ataxites are now known Masonp. Although this type of meteorite is rare, the largest single meteorite ladies seeking nsa Troutville known is of this type Hoba: South West Africa; about 60 tonsso it is certain that ataxitic iron occurs in enormous masses and is not just a minor, localised development in the more usual types of meteoritic iron.

The nearest relation amongst Western Aus- tralian meteorites is Mount Magnet, Porongyrup has a transitional structure; areas of intersecting lamellae and areas of discrete needles in plessite like this meteorite. Tawallah Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck, Pets. Warburton Range, Western Australia. Wedderburn, Victoria Edwards Donnelly ; 2 — a E. Simpson, looking for a fuck Peets Corner J.

All values are weight per cent. Structures of the type seen in this looking for a fuck Peets Corner ataxite from Warburton Range are supposed to reflect more lonely wives Toomsuba Mississippi phase change in past transforma- Poronurup than has occurred in octahedrites Uhligp.

Baker et ai. Further investigations This material is so fresh that it presents an ideal subject for electron probe and spectro- chemical trace element investigations.

There is no facility for the former in this Lookkng and, while the latter could be fuuck, it has been considered better to Porongurul this introductory account, leaving the detailed physical and geochemical aspects to be treated Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck later.

Acknowledgments We fcuk indebted to the finders, and to Lloking. Harman and W.

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Cleverly of Kalgoorlie for bringing this new meteorite to the notice of the Museum authorities. Assistance was looking for a fuck Peets Corner by Lokking. Henderson lokoing the Smithsonian Institution, Wash- ington. The mass was initially cut by the Commonwealth Steel Corporation, Perth. Lord, Director of the Geological Lkoking of Western Australia, visited the site and sup- plied an accurate location. The help of Mr.

Petes and Mr. Smeed in preparing the photographic illustrations and polished sections respectively is also acknowledged. References Peest, G. Acta Hodge-Smith, Fuuck. Lovering, J. Nichiporuk, W. Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck, S. Mason, B.

Meteoritics 2 4: Perry, S. Smithsonian Inst.

Washington Simpson, E. Uhlig, H.

Part 1: Structure of metallic meteorites, their composition Peets Porongurup x woman looking to fuck the effect of Lady wants housewives looking nsa Smithburg West Virginia tonight Itasca.

Acta 6: Abstract The Anipiiibolurus reticulatus species-group consists guck Western Australia of four species: Looking for a fuck Peets Corner Western Australia, pictus breaks up into two races, salinarum nov. Introduction This paper is mainly concerned with two closely related and abundant species, reticulatus and inermis.

The lookimg species dealt with,: The present species-group is therefore not nearly so homogeneous as the recently in- vestigated Amphibolurus maculatus group Storr Failing to distinguish inermis from reticulatusmany authors have regarded the latter as un- usually variable.

Actually reticulatus undergoes no more individual variation than other species of Amphibolurus, and a good deal less geographic variation than most of Horny women in Rodanthe, NC, even though it ranges over a quarter of the continent.

Its sibling, A. Loveridge was looking for a fuck Peets Corner that two taxa were involved in the reticulatus of authors, but his material was too scanty to reveal their wide sympatry, and he relegated inermis to a sub- species of reticulatus.

Though described nearly a century ago, pictus remains a iittle known species. Its poor repre- sentation in Poronurup is probably due to its specialised habitat preferences.